Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bout of Books 13.0 Day 2 Update

I worked again today, so I really only had tonight to read, but I'm pretty pleased with the amount of pages I've read. I was pretty tired last night (and it was nearly midnight by the time I got my blog post up anyway), so I didn't really get a chance to read anymore before I went to sleep, unfortunately. I did go to the library after work today though, so I've got some exciting new books and graphic novels to make my way through over the course of this week at least! :)

Now, for the actual stats for today, I read the last 26 pages of Sword Art Online 4: Fairy Dance by Reki Kawahara, I started and finished Little Fish by Ramsey Beyer (which is one of the graphic novels I signed out of the library), which was 268 pages, and I also started The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I read the first 68 pages of it. That makes my grand total for today 362 pages. I know a large chunk of those pages came from the graphic novel I read, but I do honestly think I read a fair bit more than I normally would, when it comes to other, more conventional graphic novels. Little Fish had more writing than pictures, or at least I think it did. I could just be telling myself that to make it feel like I read more than I actually did. ;P

And now for today's challenge.

Character Face-Off

On Lulo Fangirl, there was the Character Face-Off Challenge. (This one includes a giveaway for two eBooks worth up to $20.) It required you to pick two of your favourite characters and choose one over the other, and then explain why you chose the character you did. Fairly simple, but not exactly easy. My response to this is below.

Opponent #1: Hermione Jean Granger

-WHO: A muggle-born witch that is known to be the "brightest witch of her age". She is also, of course, one of Harry Potter's best friends.

-PROS: super smart and logical, quite magically gifted, brave

-CONS: bossy, know-it-all, fear of failure and wrongdoing

Opponent #2: Septimus Heap

-WHO: He is the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice for most of the book series. He's also the seventh son of the seventh son, which makes him both a gifted and powerful wizard.

-PROS: quite magically gifted, sociable, caring, brave

-CONS: careless, immature, gullible (all only rarely though)

Winner: Hermione Granger

Why: Hermione's been my favourite character and role model since I was little. She's not always super likable, especially in the earlier HP books, but I think she's quite relatable and someone young girls, in particular, could (and do) look up to. She's the intelligent, brave, and independent young woman that I've always longed to be. She has a fair bit of character growth over the course of the book series as well, and you really see her come into herself and become that loyal and brave girl that I've truly grown to love over the years. She's an all around awesome character, and she has that nostalgia factor on top of it for me, so she's the clear winner. (Sorry Sep!)

And... that's it for today. Happy read-a-thoning everyone!

Total pages read: 587
Books started: 3
Books finished: 3
Challenges completed: 2


  1. You're doing really well! I'm hoping to get in some graphic novels this week. I just picked some up at the library. Good luck on the rest of the readathon!
    - Emma | Emma Likes Books

    1. Thank you! I'm excited with how easy it's been to get through some of these books, as I haven't read a whole lot (besides graphic novels) up to this point this year. :) I'm thinking I'm probably going to try to read 1 graphic novel or manga volume per day for the rest of the read-a-thon, since they're so easy to get through. I got quite a few from the library yesterday, so I'll probably just make my way through all of them. And yes, thanks again! Good luck to you as well!

  2. Love the characters you chose! Happy Reading this week!

    1. Thanks Debbie! Obviously I'm a fantasy/magic lover. ;P Good luck with your reading the rest of this week too! :)