Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Day 6 Update

Today was a rather lazy day. It was my only full day off for the week, so I was able to sleep in and also still manage to read quite a bit. :)

I read 60 pages of Flyte, 70 pages of City of Bones, and 84 pages of Anatomy of a Boyfriend for a grand total of 214 pages. I'm still feeling very ambitious and optimistic in hoping that I will be able to finish all of these books, plus also start the next ones in their series. I work all day tomorrow though, so I have quite a bit of reading to get done tonight and tomorrow night if I hope to reach that goal!

I'm again not going to complete the challenge today since I do still want to read a fair bit tonight.

I'm sorry for the lack-luster updates the last couple days. School starting has really messed up my schedule/routines. :/ I plan to get organized early next week though, after the read-a-thon is finished. You may have noticed I also haven't posted my Room review yet, but that will be going up on Monday or Tuesday. The rest of the reviews from this week will follow in the days after that, so stay tuned. I will also be starting to post other sorts of posts as well, so you have all that to look forward to starting early next week.

Until then... happy reading!

Total pages read: 1280
Books started: 3
Books finished: 2
Challenges completed: 5

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